Founded in 1972, Skytron is a privately owned and operated company with headquarters based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Skytron's parent company began in the motorcycle industry. In 1966, David P. Mehney founded Kawasaki Midwest Motorcycles, Inc. as a Midwest distributor for Kawasaki. Because of his experience doing business with Japanese companies, Dave founded Skytron after being introduced to an opportunity to bring a new type of surgical light into the U.S. market. This innovative, focusable surgical light quickly gained the favor of many surgeons and nurses in the United States and became the first of many pioneering solutions that the company introduced to healthcare. In 1982, the KMW Inc. sold its motorcycle distribution rights back to Kawasaki and founded the KMW Group, Inc. with Skytron, Great Lakes Marine and Midwest Parts and Accessories as divisions. Skytron LLC now represents over 90% of the revenue and income of the KMW Group and has operations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East in addition to representation in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Skytron was founded upon its belief that customer service is essential to building a brand that is trusted and set apart from the rest. It is through the company’s core values of partnering philosophy, integrity and long-term focus that the commitment to customer service and pioneering solutions is upheld. Skytron strives to demonstrate these values to all of its customers, distributors, employees and suppliers every day.

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