Skytron offers a product portfolio equipped to meet every need. All of our product lines offer multiple models - each with their own unique value and features. From the basic clinically acceptable configuration to the most feature-rich technology, we will help you find the solution that's right for you.

Find Your Solution

Customize a solution with the features and value you require. Learn about just a few of the options we have available:

Surgical Lights |

The Aurora Four surgical light leads the industry with variable focus abilities, camera capabilities and selectable color temperature.

Tables |

We are pleased to offer a diverse portfolio of surgical tables inclusive of top slide, top rotation and imaging models. Our flexible options allow your OR to achieve any positioning or imaging requirement.

Booms |

Our unique Center Tandem Mount boom saves valuable space while allowing 360° movement. With a full array of configurations, weights and carrier styles, each boom is customized to customer specifications.

Video Integration |

Select from our LINX 300 or SDS integration packages, each with their own functionalities and installation configurations.


Allow our solutions to assist you with asset tracking, workflow improvements, hand hygiene compliance, cost reduction and much more.

Steam Sterilizers |

With applications ranging from immediate use to unprecedented capacity in a small footprint, the Integrity Sterilizers are ready to meet your sterile processing needs.

Regardless of the selected solution, you can always count on Skytron for the reliability, versatility and cost savings that our healthcare products deliver.

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