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Financial flexibility is critical in today's fast-paced, ever changing economic environment and preserving capital is more important than ever.

We can help you stay agile, meet your funding needs and, yet, acquire the equipment and technology you need today without the immediate purchase cash outlay.

Leasing provides 100% financing and allows you to pay for the equipment as it is generating revenue. If structured properly, it can also allow you to entirely preserve your other credit availability. It may even allow you to complete a project without having to spread it over multiple budget cycles.

Whether you are looking for traditional lease options or creative financing, we can help with the following options or by crafting custom solutions to meet your needs.

Operating Lease
Allows you to fund equipment through your operating budget providing ultimate flexibility as hospitals can purchase the equipment or upgrade to new technology solutions at any time.
Rental Program
Allows you to use a product for a specified period of time with no further commitments. At the end of the contract, you simply return the equipment.
Capital Lease
Allows you to spread payments over a number of budgetary periods and take ownership of the equipment at contract end (if that's your goal).
10-Year No Risk Program
Full financing for a 10 year period with monthly payments and Skytron guarantees all equipment remains in working order for 10 years. The program includes parts, labor and maintenance to keep the equipment running for the 10 year term.

Contact your local Skytron representative to learn about the menu of financing options and how we can construct a financing option to meet your needs.

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