The Integrity 215 Steam Sterilizer is your solution to two common challenges: throughput and floor space. Its compact design fits into most tight footprints while giving you more capacity than the competition.

Key Features

  • Increase throughput | Despite the compact footprint, you can process up to six 25 lb. trays. That’s over twice the content of competitive-sized models.
  • Green technology | Reduce water usage up to 43% with integrated water recirculation system. Learn More
  • Easy to use | Simple touchscreen control, combined with a large countdown timer and progress bar, make operating the Integrity 215 easy.
  • Consistent results | Internal water reservoir means that cycles won’t be affected by changes in your facility’s water pressure. And the full steam jacket assures precise temperature every time. Learn More
  • Get data faster | Record, store and chart all cycle data electronically and print cycle receipts via integrated ink printer - all with simple touchscreen control. Learn More
  • Integrity 215 Chamber Size | 21 ½” x 21 ½” x 38”
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