Skytron’s RTLS tracking solutions can locate assets, helping you to gain critical business intelligence with unmatched accuracy.

What can RTLS tracking solution bring your healthcare facility?

  • Asset Management | Helps you immediately view location of mobile assets. Increase the utilization of existing equipment, reduce rentals and purchases, eliminate time spent searching for equipment and minimize loss and theft.
  • Patient Tracking | Pinpoint a patient’s whereabouts to their exact location. Improve patient safety, increase capacity and patient flow.
  • Staff Workflow | Gain instant access to staff location. Document length and frequency of time with patients, monitor staff rounding, send alerts and identify new ways to make healthcare more efficient.
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring | Make sure that temperature stays precise in controlled environments. Monitor temperature remotely, saving your staff valuable time. Customizable reports and alerts ensure 24/7 compliance with guidelines.
  • Easy Installation & Integration | Easily integrates with other applications such as Nurse Call and EMR. System is deployed using primarily battery powered devices. Minimizes room closures or downtime during installation.
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