One System. Multiple Advantages.

The revolutionary Streamline IV Transport System eliminates troublesome balance and maneuverability issues inherent in traditional IV poles, combining the advantages of both stand-alone and bed-mounted IV poles into one unit. The result – a standardized approach to patient and equipment transport where there was no standard before.


  • Safe. Transport employees can grasp the bed with both hands – a key benefit as the patient population gets heavier and transports become more complex.
  • Ergonomic design lessens the load, reducing the physical stress and repetitive use injuries inherent in patient transport.
  • Streamline locks the IV pole to the patient bed, keeping the patient’s equipment at a fixed proximity to the patient thus reducing instances of IV poles tipping and IV lines coming out of patients.
  • Fast. Streamline’s wheels never touch the ground once it’s connected to the bed, promoting easy, two-handed maneuverability. Patient transport can be handled with one Streamline pole and one person, compared to multiple standard IV poles. The need to transfer equipment from IV pole to bed is eliminated, allowing the patient’s equipment to be secure and ready for transport in seconds.
  • Efficient. Streamline serves as one full purpose Infusion Transport System, which translates to a one caregiver requirement. With its 105 lb capacity system, Streamline does the job of multiple IV poles.
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