The Leader in Positioning, Efficiency and Safety

Skytron surgical tables are designed to manage the challenges of today’s OR. Increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve patient safety with surgical tables that are prepared to handle almost any procedure or specialty.

As the market leaders in top slide and top rotation, our surgical tables allow efficient imaging and surgeon access. Top slide tables permit the swift movement of the patient through the imaging window while top rotation tables allow access to either end of the table to accommodate C-arms and even leg room for seated surgeons. The low-profile base will never get in the way of imaging equipment and the surgical team will enjoy the easy of setup. Skytron tables simplify imaging without requiring risky patient maneuvers, making your OR a safer environment.

With removable back and leg sections, Skytron tables also bring you more accessory and positioning options. Combine this flexibility with each table’s impressive weight capacity, and your OR will be prepared to efficiently support a greater variety of procedures.

In addition, Skytron tables are leaders in user satisfaction with remarkably low cost of ownership. Reduce annual maintenance costs without sacrificing the reliable performance you and your patient deserve. Click below to learn how each model can be combined with the right accessories to bring you unmatched positioning, efficiency and safety.

Click on each product line below to learn how our solutions can transform your healthcare facility.

26" Top Slide
1,000 lb Lift
800 lb Articulation
21" Top Slide
700 lb Lift
600 lb Articulation
210° Top Rotation
1,200 lb Lift
1,000 lb Articulation
210° Top Rotation
1,000 lb Lift
600 lb Articulation
180° Top Rotation
500 lb Lift
500 lb Articulation
65" Imaging Area
500 lb Lift
Single Touch Free Float Controls
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